This collection of essays explores major science curriculum options for educators and homeschool parents.

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This collection of education-themed articles was first published in our former publication, New Reasons to Believe.

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Teaching Intelligent Design

Discussion about “intelligent design” shows up regularly in the media. Although the ID movement is not Christian per se, many Christians are involved in its research efforts. Technically speaking, however, it is a secular movement—one that intentionally includes the possibility of various “designers.” It even allows the idea that extraterrestrial beings planted the first life on Earth.

RTB does not officially participate in efforts to incorporate intelligent design into public school science curricula. Anyone interested in pursuing such channels can consult with our friends at the Discovery Institute for more information about their Teach the Controversy campaign. Please visit their web site at

For more information about RTB’s perspectives on the intelligent design movement, we have listed here a collection of brief articles explaining RTB’s position on teaching ID in public schools and other settings.

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Content Updated: 8/2021