Our curated courses include expert research, sound science, and testable truth to equip you in understanding and communicating the Christian faith with gentleness and respect.

We offer three educational tracks:

  • LISTEN AND LEARN: These on-demand courses offer the same great content as our traditional Reasons Institute courses, but with less time commitment. There are no start dates or written assignments. Just download lectures to your computer or mobile device, listen, and enjoy. A list of optional reading recommendations is provided for those who wish to further their studies.
  • AUDIT: Purchase the audit version of an RI course and participate and interact with the certificate students for the duration of the course. You can access lectures, participate in discussions, and do the reading without having to worry about a grade.
  • CEUs: Through our partnership with Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), we offer continuing education units (CEUs) in Bible for teachers and administrators. This is a great way to be equipped to bring the powerful insights of our testable creation model approach to your classroom.

For further information about personal enrichment courses, please contact us at (855) REASONS or [email protected].

Reasons Institute offers a certificate program in science apologetics. This program is open to anyone who wants to be prepared to bring the gospel to scientists and skeptics without going through a formal degree program. Those who earn a certificate can apply to join RTB’s Apologetics Community.

For further information about our science apologetics certificate program, please contact us at (855) REASONS or [email protected].

Through our partnerships with strategic schools of ministry, we are equipping the next generation of Christian leaders with the latest scientific discoveries that support the reliability of the Bible.

For further information about receiving college credit for Reasons Institute courses, please contact us at (855) REASONS or [email protected].