Right On Mission: Science & Scripture Course


Join Hugh Ross as he teaches Right On Missions Science & Scripture course.

Course Description:
Is it possible to be intellectually honest at a scientific level and believe in
the authority of Scripture? How does scientific truth accord with biblical
truth? How can a person take seriously the so-called “God-inspired”
Scripture, since history shows that science, at given points, has
corrected church tradition? How does the biblical notion of a cosmos
created by God square with the idea of evolution? How can an educated
person today believe in miracles? In this course, students will be prodded
to examine conflicting claims of “truth” and think reasonably about both
science and Scripture.

Weekend Intensive:
Friday, December 1 6:30–9:30 PM
Saturday, December 2 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

Weekly Online Discussions via Zoom Virtual Room:
Thursdays at 6:30–8:00 PM
(December 7, 14, 21, 28)

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