RTB Scholar Community Workshop 2023


Are humans truly exceptional? Or are they just another iteration of naturalistic evolution? What is the image of God in humanity? How does the image of God relate to human exceptionalism? How do nontheists view and understand human exceptionalism? Do they affirm or deny it?

At this year’s Reasons to Believe (RTB) Scholar Community Workshop, we invite you to consider these vital questions. In recent years, we’ve been witnessing Christians rapidly retreating from the implications of the doctrine of creation, including the image of God and human exceptionalism. They dismiss this cornerstone of the Christian faith, instead making claims such as “humans may be different in degree, but not in kind” or “humans aren’t a unique creation.” Considering the evidence for human exceptionalism, have these arguments been proven scientifically insufficient? Biochemist Dr. Fazale “Fuz” Rana and a diverse panel of speakers—Christians and skeptics—will consider if a structuralist view could be the answer.

We hope you’ll join us at RTB to explore what the “image of God” really means, how we address neanderthals and AI, and what makes humans exceptional (or not). Enjoy excellent plenary speakers, panels, and Q&A sessions.

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