28:19 Episode 29

Why would God allow earthquakes? Is direct evidence better than “circumstantial” evidence? Can science apologetics inspire us to worship the Creator? RTB’s fiscal-year end. Did Noah’s flood form the Grand Canyon?

RTB 101: Why Does God Allow Earthquakes? 1:41
with Jeff Zweerink
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/impact-events/read/impact-events/2018/03/09/the-role-of-plate-tectonics-in-the-symphony

Nexus: Is Direct Evidence Better Than “Circumstantial” Evidence? 6:57
with Jay Warner Wallace
Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geuHSnrgn3Y&list=PLUwTeBAi_JFFxNDq-sp0_Soxlxnlv9YRG&index=4

Culture Talk: Can Science Apologetics Inspire Us to Worship the Creator? 10:30
with Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/the-cells-design/read/the-cells-design/2018/04/18/why-are-whales-so-big-in-wisdom-god-made-them-that-way

RTB News: RTB’s Fiscal Year-End 15:53
with Ken Hultgren
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Give and Take: Did Noah’s Flood Form the Grand Canyon? 17:39
with RTB visiting scholar Ken Wolgemuth
Dig Deeper: https://support.reasons.org/purchase/the-grand-canyon-monument-to-an-ancient-earth

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