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RTBLive Extra: How Beauty Points to God

Does anyone know of a resource or website that maps great works of art to biblical passages? As I read the Bible I frequently wonder if a master has rendered the story or vision on canvas. 

For beauty´s sake, what is a need every human being has? 

Diagnostics allow the diagnostician to directly test their hypothesis once it is formed. How do you test your hypothesis? 

How would you answer critical theory people who say beauty is subjective and Western art is white oppressive. 

Doesn´t art elevate our spirit by being true to itself, expressing the magnificent beauty of life, nature and the universe? Does art have to be religious to be pleasing to God? 

The sense of morality argument, along with the sense of beauty argument, hinge on specifying an implied ultimate beauty or morality. Isn’t this equivalently likely to an implied ultimate ugliness? 

Is there a danger in being attracted to and indulging in secular media?