SCG SPECIAL EDITION Ep 0.3: Dramatically Open Systems

Join Drs. Hugh Ross and David Block as they discuss the theological and philosophical implications of the dynamically open systems in our universe and how those systems point to the reality of God’s existence.

In this episode, Hugh and David discuss how the gold-plated mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) are revealing a plethora of detail in both our low- and high-z redshift universe. Galaxies are dynamically open systems, interacting and colliding with one another. This is true for look-back times of 13 billion years or a mere 2 million years. An example of a dynamically open system in our local universe is a near head-on collision in the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, Messier 31. Hugh and David also explore the larger implications of high-z JWST images, especially in terms of Cauchy data in spacetimes with singularities.


“An almost head-on collision as the origin of two off-centre rings in the Andromeda galaxy”, D.L. Block, F. Bourmaud, F. Combes, et. al (article)

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