Meet Our Members

We encourage our Apologetics Community members to use their training in partnership with the Holy Spirit to bring the transformational message about the harmony between Scripture and nature to others. Here is a sampling of some of the ways our members share RTB resources with others. We hope this inspires you to imagine what God can do through you!

Amy Hardy

Amy Hardy is a high school science teacher as well as a leader in one of our RTB Chapters. Find out about how she incorporates RTB’s ideas into her classroom instruction.

Jane Pantig

Jane Pantig is an evangelist with Ratio Christi. She brings the gospel to four secular college campuses in Southern California. Hear more about her work and how she uses RTB’s ideas as part of her outreach.

Ryan Pauly

Ryan Pauly is a high school Bible teacher and podcaster. His story is a great example of how being faithful in the little things can bring a big harvest. Hear more about his work and how he uses RTB’s ideas as part of his ministry.

Lenny Schaefer

Lenny Schaefer is a lay-minister at a local prison. Find out how he incorporates RTB’s materials into his outreach.

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