RTB scholars and apologists occasionally offer seminars on various education-related topics. These sessions offer practical advice and classroom teaching examples applicable to both the homeschool and traditional classroom settings.

Psalm 104 Unit Study

RTB scholar community program director Krista Bontrager provides a brief overview of RTB’s Psalm 104 Unit Study curriculum.

ENCODED by Design

Fazale Rana reports on phase 2 of the ENCODE Project, biochemical research that he calls the most important of his lifetime. This webinar will equip high school teachers to prepare lessons that challenge the use of junk DNA as evidence for common descent. High school biology and biochemistry teachers will find this information to be a helpful update to current textbooks.

Finding Unity on Creation

RTB scholar community program director Krista Bontrager outlines a practical strategy for handling creation controversies in the Christian school classroom. This talk was originally given at the ACSI conference in November 2012. Christian schoolteachers and administrators will appreciate this practical approach to resolving a tricky problem.

Science and Religion in Public Schools

Hugh Ross shares his unique perspectives on education and science in this live seminar with classroom teachers.